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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 16, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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international forces in afghanistan or against any pakistani forces so that they can go into a force protection mode. then, of course, then they want to go after any other potential leaders who they may be able to grab up in some kind of dragnet because, after all, baradar was considered not only the top military commander but the number two, sort of the coo of the taliban, the chief operating officer. so he would be familiar with all the operations of the taliban and have all the names and phone numbers and addresses of where everybody is at at any given time so that information would be invaluable. in terms of the current offensive in southern afghanistan, the timing for this, for grabbing baradar couldn't be better because it was just about the time the u.s. and nato forces and afghan forces launched that major offensive in southern afghanistan. officials we've talked to, though, say he probably didn't have any direct control over the tactical developments on the
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ground but psychologically -- psychologically the fact that he's been taken into custody has to deal a big blow to the taliban psyche if not their operations, tamron. >> real quick, baradar being captured was part of a joint offensive, a joint effort, i understand, as well. >> reporter: with pakistani intelligence agencies and the cia an indication the two were cooperating more closely again. they haven't done that really grabbing people from the ground since they took khalid shaikh mohammed in 2002. >> i greatly appreciate it. some shocking new revelations about the college professor accused of killing three colleagues and wounding three others. at a faculty meeting happening last friday amy bishop's husband now says they went to a shooting range before the attack. what else did her husband have to say? >> reporter: well, tamron, that trip to the firing range
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happened a few weeks before last friday's shooting. the husband says that outside of anything else she was normal, whatever those circumstances may be. that revelation comes as a survivor told the associated press and shared some details about the meeting that took place here behind me last friday. he says that a group of faculty members were sitting at a table and about a half hour -- within a half hour as the meeting was progressing, amy bishop got up and started firing indiscriminately. in the aftermath she killed three of her faculty members, or three of her colleagues and three other faculty members as well. the campus right now is basically shut down, classes canceled for the week. flags are at half-staff and there's a lot of questions because in recent days there have been developments that in 1986 the authorities in massachusetts revealed that in 1986 she had shot and killed her younger brother at the time, and that was ruled an accident, but there are questions now whether that was handled right -- that case was handled right. and then in 1993 there was a
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situation, there was an investigation into a mail bomb investigation. there was a suspicious device that was delivered to her boss at the time in 1993 in boston at the children's hospital there. she and her husband were questioned but ultimately they were relieved of any wrongdoing. so there are a lot of questions now swirling around this case, and it just seems there's more developments coming every day here. >> thank you very much for the update. let's go now to president obama. he's about to speak in maryland regarding green jobs and jobs related to energy. we know the president plans to announce the government to guarantee $8 billion loans to help build the first u.s. nuclear power plant. let me see the video. i believe the president is walking in. president obama is in maryland. he's speaking right now. let's listen in. >> first of all, two people who have been working really hard to make this day happen. secretary steven shu, my energy
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secretary. and my white house adviser on everything having to do with energy, carol. i want to acknowledge the outstanding governor of maryland, martin o'malley as well as his lieutenant governor anthony brown. we've got mark harris for the building trades and billy height from the ua plumbers and pipe fitters. give them a big round of applause. the nuclear energy commission is here. where is he? ed heil, president. and i want to thank chuck graham and everybody here at local 26 for their great hospitality.
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thank you for the warm welcome. thanks for showing me around. i was just mentioning that i got a chance to pull the first fire alarm since i was in junior high. and i didn't get in trouble for it. this is an extraordinarily impressive facility where workers are instructed on everything from the installation of sophisticated energy, hardware and software to the basics of current and resistance. we need to look no further than the workers and aprprentices wh are standing behind me to see the future that's possible when it comes to clean energy. it's a future in which skilled labor e laborers are helping us lead in burgeoning industries. it's a future in which renewable electricity is fueling plug-in hybrid cars, energy efficient homes and businesses. it's a future in which we're exporting home grown energy it
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technology instead of importing foreign oil. and it's a future in which our economy is powered not by what we borrow and spend but what we invent and what we built. that's the bright future that lies ahead for america. and it's one of -- it's a future that my administration is striving to achieve each and every day. we've already made the largest investment in clean energy in history as part of the recovery act, an investment that is expected to create more than 700,000 jobs across america. manufacturing advanced batteries for more fuel efficient vehicles, upgrading the power grid so that it's smarter and stronger, doubling our nation's capacity to generate renewable energy. and after decades in which we have done little to increase the efficiency of cars and trucks, we've raised fuel economy
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standards to reduce our dependence on foreign oil while helping folks save money at the pump. but, in order to truly harness our potential and clean energy we're going to have to do more, and that's why we're here. in the near term as we transition to cleaner energy sources, we're going to have to make some tough decisions about opening up new offshore areas for oil and gas development. we'll need to make continued investments in advanced biofuels and clean coal technologies even as we build greater capacity in renewables like wind and solar. and we're going to have to build a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in america. that's what brings us here. through the department of energy and under the leadership of nobel prize winning physicist steven chu, although just a quick sidenote when he was talk ing to some of the instructors here and they were talking about currents and this and that and the other, i indicated to him
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that he could have saved a lot of money instead of getting a ph.d.. he could have come here and learned some of the same stuff. the instructors were keeping up, they were right there with him. but through the department of energy and his leadership, we are announcing roughly $8 billion in loan guaranties to break ground on the first nuclear plant in our country in three decades. the first new nuclear power plant. [ applause ] it's a plant that will create thousands of construction jobs in the next few years and some 800 permanent jobs, well-paying permanent jobs, in the years to come. and this is only the beginning. my budget proposes tripling the loan guaranties we provide to
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help finance safe, clean nuclear facilities and we'll continue to provide financing for clean energy projects here in maryland and across america. now there will be those that welcome this announcement, those who think it's been long overdue, but there are also going to be those who strongly disagree with this announcement. the same has been true in other areas of our energy debate from offshore drilling to putting a price on carbon pollution. but what i want to emphasize is this, even when we have differences, we cannot allow those differences to prevent us from making progress. on an issue that affects our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, we can't keep on being mired in the same old stale debates between the left and the right, between environmentalists and entrepreneurs. see, our competitors are racing to create jobs and command
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growing energy industries and nuclear energy is no exception. japan and france have long invested heavily in this industry. meanwhile, there are 56 nuclear reactors under construction around the world. 21 in china alone. six in south korea. five in india. and the commitment of these countries is not just generating the jobs in those plants. it's generating demand for expertise and new technologies. so make no mistakes whether it's nuclear energy or solar or wind energy, if we fail to invest in the technologies of tomorrow, then we're going to be importing those technologies instead of exporting them. we will fall behind. jobs will be produced overseas instead of here in the united states of america. that's not a future i accept. i know it's been long assumed that those who champion the environment are opposed to
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nuclear power but the fact is even though we've not broken ground on a new power plant, a new nuclear power plant, enthusiastic leer energy remains our largest source of fuel that emits no carbon emissions. to me our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we'll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. it's that simple. this one plant, for example, will cut carbon pollution by 16 million tons each year when compared to a similar coal plant. that's like taking 3.5 million cars off the road. on the other side there are those who have long advocated for nuclear power including many republicans, who have to recognize that we're not going to achieve a big boost in nuclear capacity unless we create a system of incentives to make clean energy profitable. that's not just my personal conclusion. it's the conclusion of many in the energy industry itself
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including ceos of the nation's largest utility companies. energy leaders and experts recognize that as long as producing carbon pollution carries no cost, traditional plants that use fossil fuels will be more cost effective than plants that use nuclear fuels. that's why we need comprehensive energy and climate legislation. and why this legislation has drawn support from across the ideological spectrum. i raised this just last week with congressional republican leaders. i believe there's real common ground here and my administration will be working to build on areas of agreement so that we can pass a bipartisan energy and climate bill through the senate. none of this is to say there aren't some serious drawbacks with respect to nuclear energy that have to be addressed. as the ceos standing behind me will tell you, nuclear power generates waste and we need to accelerate our efforts to find
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ways of storing this waste safely and disposing of it. that's why we've asked a bipartisan group of leaders and nuclear experts to examine this challenge. and these plants also have to be held to the highest and strictest safety standards. to answer the legitimate concerns of americans who live near and far from these facilities. that's going to be an imperative. but investing in nuclear energy remains a necessary step. what i hope with this announcement we're underscoring both our seriousness in meeting the energy challenge and our willingness to look at this challenge not as a partisan issue but a matter far more important than politics. because the choices we make will affect not just the next generation but many generations to come. the fact is, changing the ways we produce and use energy requires us to think anew, to act anew, and demands of us the willingness to extend our hand across some of the old divides
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to act in good faith and to move beyond the broken politics of the past. that's what we must do. that's what we will do. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. >> wrapping up his remarks in maryland. he's at the headquarters of the local 26 of the international brotherhood of electrical workers there, the number of union members and workers unveiling details about an $8 billion loan guaranty to build the first u.s. power plant, nuclear power plant in three decades. the president also will be talking jobs march 2nd when he travels to savannah, georgia. the associated press is reporting that the president plans to limit his exposure and then when he does speak talk to the american people as we just heard about jobs, energy jobs, in this case, and more talk of jobs when he visits georgia, coming up, savannah, georgia, march 2nd. we'll have more reaction to what the president had to say in this
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campaign-style discipline now that they want to explore more greatly in the white house. and breaking news as well, toyota just announced it plans to idle two u.s. assembly plants as it struggles with its massive global recalls. the plants are in georgetown, kentucky, and san antonio, texas, and they are to be shut down for a total of two weeks in march and in april. meantime, toyota's president is due to answer more questions about the company's problems when he holds his third news conference in as many weeks tomorrow. and fists began to fly after a 10-year-old girl picks a tomato by the road. well, now florida police are looking for the man who brutally beat her dad. what happened here? plus, democrats still reeling from senator evan bayh's decision not to seek re-election. we're going to look at their chances of holding on to their majority. and it is fat tuesday down in the crescent city. we'll take you live for a little fun today, mardi gras style. entirely online and learn life skills that put you in charge.
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welcome back, i'm live and in the control room. you can bet the democrats are having several powwows trying to figure out what to do now that senator evan bayh has announced he will not seek re-election. some speculating if the defensem democrats will lose their majority in the senate. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins me live. kelly, i was talking to a friend who i certainly would describe as a liberal. i said is this part of the worst nightmare scenario you thought of after the election? and he said yes. so what are we hearing here? >> reporter: well, it is a stunner because not so long ago it seemed democrats' hold on congress was all but certain. and now the math has dramatically changed. when you have a centrist democrat like he haevan bayh wh a real history, a personal family history in politics --
11:20 am
his father had been a longtime senator and national figure, too -- when you have someone like evan bayh stepping down and saying that this system is broken, it does reverberate because independents really decide all of these races because they're the ones that are the hard eest to attract fr either party. and we've seen in recent polling that certainly independents have been moving away from democrats. when you have someone sort of in the political middle like he have and bayh, that makes it even more challenging. so the math is changing. there are about ten seats that would be needed for republicans to regain control of the senate and evan bayh has perhaps put indiana in play. that certainly is the expectation that's typically a republican state although for president obama as well. so now who comes next, that's the big question. a couple of congress members are considering it as well as the mayor of evansville and a wrinkle in all of this because tomorrow is the filing deadline for any candidate who wants to get all of those signatures that are needed to become a person eligible to be on the ballot. so they're running out of time. >> and, kelly, give us a list of
11:21 am
what you know the republicans -- the states the republicans are looking in. we know illinois is on the list. we've heard about what's happening in nevada. what other states are they targeting? >> one of the things we've been watching for a while is blanche lincoln. she's up for re-election. certainly in pennsylvania arlen spector once a republican and now a democrat, his race has been in trouble. there are several that really do open up a pot of possible pathway that didn't seem likely a short time ago now possible for republicans to regain control of the senate. it is fascinating to watch. >> it is. anything is possible and that is proof what we saw yesterday. thanks, kelly. and coming up in our next half hour, a closer look at this partisan divide. is congress broken? have we seen anything like this in our recent history? and how can it be fixed or changed at this point? we heard evan bayh say he still loves his job but no longer has the love for congress. first, take a look live at the big easy for fat tuesday
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welcome back on this fat tuesday, mardi gras celebrations in full swing in new orleans. an estimated 1 million people are in the city, which is already partying after the super bowl. nbc is in new orleans. ellen, give us a little taste of what's happening. >> reporter: tamron, it is cold here in new orleans on this fat tuesday but i can tell you the party is starting to heat up here on bourbon street. looking live at the tail end of the legendary pete fountain band. they just marched down bourbon wearing all white suits to celebrate the 50th anniversary. the celebration start add week ago when the saints won the super bowl and mardi gras has become known as lombardi-gras in
11:26 am
these parts. the city has been celebrating a comeback not just of the saints but as a city overall. it's unusually cold for mardi gras here in new orleans and people are getting creative as far as staying warm. i have my feather boa kicking, some beads, and this is helping keep my face warm, so we're in the spirit having a great time. >> well, good. there's some incentive for people to keep their shirts on there. >> reporter: whatever it takes. >> whatever it takes. thank you very much. have fun out there. and u.s. and afghan forces trading gunfire with insurgents today in the city of marjah. we'll get the progress of the operation under way and we'll talk to parents of american figure skaters after yesterday's big showdown on the ice. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 if i could change one thing... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 we'd all get a ton of great advice tdd# 1-800-345-2550 just for being a client. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i mean, shouldn't i be able to talk about my money tdd# 1-800-345-2550 without it costing me a fortune?
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welcome back. we have live pictures from johnston, pennsylvania, where funeral services are under way for congressman john murtha.
11:30 am
more than 30 members including nancy pelosi are there. defense secretary robert gates and service leaders also paying tribute to the former vietnam veteran. the 77-year-old congressman died last week following complications from gallbladder surgery. he served 19 terms. and u.s. marines are encountering sniper attacks and heavy gunfire from taliban insurgents on day four of that major offensive in southern afghanistan. so far 15 civilians have been killed in the fighting. richard engel, nbc news chief foreign correspondent, is in n london. richard, what's the latest? >> reporter: there are two parallel tracks both focused on the taliban in afghanistan. one this operation in southern afghanistan focusing on marjah, if you will, the hammer part of the operation which thousands of troops led by american marines are pushing into this taliban
11:31 am
strong hold. they have been meeting sporadic resistance but the resistance has been getting lighter and lighter with each day of this offensive. then word today that a senior taliban leader mullah abdul ghani baradar has been arrested. he was arrested in a joint operation between the cia and pakistani isi intill generals agency early last week. he is the most senior taliban commander to be arrested since the start of the war. he had basic day-to-day control of the taliban in afghanistan and the question is now is he talking? we haven't been told how cooperative he has been. we are told u.s. interrogators have been getting access to his information. >> all right, big developments in the story. thank you very much, richard, for the latest information, day four of this major offensive. thank you. and in washington state, rescuers hope to reach a climber who fell into the crater of
11:32 am
mount st. helens yesterday falling 1,500 feet. he was standing and the snow collapsed. he was blowing a rescue whistle. high winds spended rescue efforts overnight. a major change at "american idol." let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. good to have you back. >> good morning, tamron. >> what's going on? >> happy mardi gras. "american idol" tonight, i think at the last second they realized people are actually watching the olympics and maybe we need to shake things up a little bit. we were expecting to get the top 24 contestants tomorrow night. fox announced yesterday that they would be telling us who some of the contestants are tonight. so you get a sneak peek at what that top 24 crop is going to look like. everyone knows that's when it really gets good. >> don't they realize people would watch the winter olympics? >> it certainly wasn't the plan as of a week ago. it was going to be wednesday
11:33 am
night. that will make for fun television tonight. other news in the entertainment world we're hearing more about brooke mueller. remember she and charlie sheen had to appear in court in aspen following their christmas day argument that led to three charges filed against charlie sheen. now we're hearing brooke mueller is in rehab. she had been at a wellness center in north carolina leading up to that court date and then reportedly she went into rehab in california. sources close to them are saying, yes, that's where she is. there's been no on the record confirmation from brooke's camp, though. >> and they have two little children. >> they have two little children. you hope the best for them. it's really, really sad, and of course these sorts of things when they become public it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. also in the news, it's fashion week. i don't know if you noticed. >> i noticed a little bit. all the models walking around new york city. >> i bring you a fat model story. but she's not fat. that's the thing. the model, looking at her there, has come out and said she thinks she's not getting jobs because
11:34 am
she's too heavy. she's a size four. and she's modeled for the best of the best. this week she did model for zach posen -- >> those are big jobs. >> she's not working as much as she used to. she's 21 years old and has had a revelation. she says if i want a hamburger, i'm going to eat a hamburger. if i don't get as many jobs, that's what it means. >> this is not the first person we've seen come out and say this but it does appear the industry changes. >> i think what's interesting is she's also making the point that because they're not getting models who are as skinny as they used to be, they're going toward younger models who aren't even developed yet. you're talking about 14-year-olds who are working now as models. >> kate moss was 8 when she came out around that time. >> and it's turned out so well for her. she has had so many problems and i don't mean to make light of them. however, you're putting this impossible standard to maintain on these young girls and they're hearing, don't eat, don't eat,
11:35 am
don't eat. it is an issue. i do know at some teen fashion magazines he heditors are actua airbrushing fat onto the models. >> they still look painfully thin. however, it has become such a problem for that generation and the girls who follow them. >> i just think the message either people have to step it up and really get in the face of the fashion industry because it does not appear that they've changed. >> they have not changed. and it has been going on for a while. >> the designers tell the casting agents which women to get there and until they say, i want women who look like they've eaten this week, it's not going to happen and it strict ls down from there. >> courtney, thank you very much. all things pop culture. see you at 2:00 eastern. and for the very latest news, logon to an indiana senator evan bayh says the partnership in congress is holding back the partisanship. there's no partnership. is the system broken? we'll take a look at what is crippling our country. and we'll talk to american pairs
11:36 am
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welcome back. a common complaint in american politics right now is that washington is just too didvided too part sap to get anything done and that is exactly what senator evan bayh said yesterday as he announced he would not seek re-election. >> for some time i've had a growing conviction that congress is not operating as it should. there is much too much partisanship and not enough progress. too much narrow ideology and not enough practical problem solving. >> christina bellantoni is with talking points memo. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thanks, tamron. >> so eugene washington was on request "morning joe" and said if we take evan bayh at his word it's an amen moment because so many people throughout this country seem to feel the same way. they feel that the system is broke ebb.
11:40 am
>> well, sure, a lot of people do say that and that's one of the reasons you're seeing such a shift in the polls and one of the reasons barack obama as a candidate campaigned on changing washington and certainly he said all the time i never said it would be easy. what's also important to note, it's not like state legislatures are the sunshiny, happy places of nonpartisanship. a lot more does get done in the states in some cases than congress, but certainly there's plenty of partisanship to go around and anybody that runs for political office will end up decrying partisanship and say let's all get along. >> you have many wondering if this is the worst we've seen he is pegsly in light of barack obama being elected and there was, as you know, we were there, a sense from all sides that maybe this would be different. i want to play a little bit of lisa myers, investigative reporter at nbc, an interview she did in january 1997 with some leading lawmakers. >> much more partisan today. >> partisanship, yeah, i've been
11:41 am
in caucuses where we didn't spend any time at all talking about the issue. it was how to diddle so and so on the other side. >> former senators bill cohen and sensabaugh. here we are, fast forward, and is it worse? >> it's probably about the same. i mean, the legislative process in congress has always been fairly ugly, fairly partisan. it's not like there were ever a lot of hand holding moments where everybody got along. you hear a lot of talk about after september 11 you had congress come together, both republicans and democrats, the moment where they were saying on the steps of the portico but at the same time there's really been a lot of gridlock for a very long time as that interview shows. senator bayh's decision probably he says that it's definitely not a political decision but certainly he may differ in office. >> chris matthews on "hardball" said it was stunning to him, and no one knows it better than chris, to hear a member of congress say loss of love, there was no love for congress.
11:42 am
>> that was a very interesting quote for sure. i definitely heard people talk about this. you heard, for example, senator george allen who was defeated in 2006. he had been a governor and he often talked about how the process was much better running the state of virginia than a member of the senate which moves very slow. >> certainly the american people are reacting to that great divide as it's been called. thank you, christina. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks. time now for a medal tally. team usa in the lead with eight. germany in second with five. france and canada tied with four and switzerland rounds out the top five with three, all gold, by the way. a shining, historic moment for canada as home grown mogul man called it a dream come true and china's's shen xue and zhao
11:43 am
hongbo broke the record. now they've won the gold, maybe it's baby time. china took two figure skating medals and they won the silver as well. germany talk the bronze. they broke russia's winning streak. chris jansing joins us now live from vancouver. chris? >> reporter: hi there. and let me tell you, tamron, i was at that event last night. it was incredible to see shen and zhao who retired, came back one last time to get the gold and, as you said, maybe the next generation of figure skaters down the road but i might be sitting next to future medalists. if you read "sports illustrated," they talked about how much promise the americans showed and the tenth place finishers are with me, amanda evora and mark ladwig. >> good morning. >> reporter: thanks very much and congratulations. two personal bests both in the short program and the long
11:44 am
program. what was this olympic experience like for you? >> gosh, i couldn't have written the story any better. our goals, we didn't know how we would be competitive with the other teams and to go in there and to finish in the top half knowing, i couldn't be happier about it. >> reporter: your goal really was to get to the olympics, right? >> we've been a pairs team for eight years and are still new kids on the block in the international scene. we just came out and stuck to our game plan which was just complete the elements and i think it worked out for us. >> reporter: and absolutely. to my eye a flawless program. were you really happy with it? it was just a real pleasure to watch and in a sport where we hold our breaths a lot and people fall a lot, it was just really nice to see how it all came together. >> yeah. what we do is, i don't think the viewers know how hard it is at times. i really feel for the other competitors. our short program was amazing. i wouldn't ask for any better. our long program, we still had a
11:45 am
few mistakes. we stayed on our feet and it's just exciting to know we have room to improve. >> reporter: you have a signature lift. i was kidding them i would make them do it here live. you actually hold her one arm, you're outstretched, and then you switch but then you're going backwards. >> do you want to try it? >> reporter: you think you could lift me? my gosh. you're like 90 pounds, right? >> but he won't lift you. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: maybe another time. >> the lift was great for us and that's something that didn't happen overnight. it's been seasons and seasons of work over the years. >> reporter: do you hear the crowd gasp when you do that? >> we hear everything. the crowd just was ebbing and flowing energy onto the ice. i think all the skaters really took it with them. >> reporter: there's another u.s. pairs team and the male half happens to be your boyfriend. >> yes. >> reporter: and mr. barrett's mother, lori, said she hopes there will be six rings instead of five at this year's games.
11:46 am
there's an olympic audience desperate to see if he's going to pop the question, dare i ask you about that? >> gosh, i think -- >> reporter: could that improve your olympic experience? >> to tell you the truth, we both are living our dreams and how fortunate both of us get to live it together. we both agree that it's better that the olympics stay with five rings instead of six, and perhaps for another time that would be another moment. >> reporter: all right. we should tell people you're already taken, right? >> yes. >> taken and off the market and actually our son, we have a 5-month old. he's staying with grandma and grandpa. they couldn't make it out to the games, but they have been just wonderful care keepers for holden. >> reporter: again, it was a pleasure to watch you and it's great to read in the papers this morning all the comments about how america may have some future medalists here so good luck to you as you go forward. world championships coming up next, right is this. >> we're going to buckle in next week and enjoy the olympics and buckle in to train next week. >> reporter: and jeremy is going to be here later on in the
11:47 am
morning along with his partner katie. and so i might try to get something out of him. we'll see how that goes. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> reporter: and, again, a reminder that tonight men's figure skating on nbc and all three americans have a legitimate chance at a medal and the reigning world champion evan lysa lysacek is one to watch. the u.s. women's hockey team in a second-round match. you can see them face off against russia here on msnbc 5:30. let me know what you think, twitte we'll read your tweets live. and how prepared is america for a cyber terrorist attack? speaking of things online, we're going to head to washington where a simulated war game is going on right now. some interesting details. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're as nutritious as fresh.
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welcome back. police in miami are searching for a man who fractured another
11:51 am
man's neck in a fight over a tomato. the victim's 10-year-old daughter saw it happen. the two were driving past a tomato field. the child -- the father pulled over for a closer look. his daughter picked a tomato. soon after, according to a report, a man came speeding up and said he was the owner of that field. the father and daughter, calling them thieves, the man threw the dad to the ground and now the father is in a neck brace with a titanium rod in his neck. police are looking -- asking the public for help in finding the suspect. this is the sketch they released in the case. that is awful. amazing amateur video film at the very moment shots rang out at a church in northern california. you can see people in the choir ducking for cover. the shooting left two teenage brothers wounded. the 14 and 19-year-old victims
11:52 am
are cooperating and they're still looking for the people responsible for going in that church and opening fire like that. and how would the u.s. cope with a cyber attack? in washington today, the government is running war games to perhaps answer that question. cnbc's hampton pearson joins me live. hampton, interesting name for this. it's cyber shockwave. what are they doing here? >> reporter: cyber shockwave is sponsored by the bipartisan policy institute and it's quite a scenario they've got going. the exercise is still in progress as we speak. it gets at this whole idea of a rogue actor, if you will, attacking the wireless system and whatever they put out there, having it spread. specifically in this scenario, a harmless piece of so-called march madness application, video software turns out to be rogue software that gets into the wireless system, disrupting service for some 20 million cell
11:53 am
phone users and spreading -- stealing their identity, spreading beyond the wireless system into the internet, into the land line system, causing economic chaos, communications chaos, if you will. that's the scenario that's being played out right now. you've got a team of former top national security and cabinet-level people convening in a war-room like atmosphere, working through this scenario. what do we do, how do we find out who might be responsible? what do we say to the public in all of this? and what you're finding, not surprisingly, huge holes on the policy side, anyway, in our ability to cope with this kind of attack. you know, you can't exactly tell people, well, we're going to quarantine your cell phone. it's a nonstarter both in terms of the reality and there's no policy that would allow the government to do this. >> right. >> reporter: how do you identify overseas or even in the u.s. who is responsible for this? and then what all do you do?
11:54 am
very real scenario being played out in public for the first time. you know, these kinds of things go on inside the government all the time. we don't get to hear about it or see it. here is a very real scenario that's being played out as we speak. >> hampton, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. very interesting. that does it for this hour. i'm tamron hall. thanks for joining us. i'll see you here at 2:00 pm eastern. contessa brewer picks up things at the top of the hour. coming up, government gridlock is sending evan bayh packing from the senate. how bad are things on capitol hill? we'll talk to senator judd gregg after this. [ wind howling ] [ male announcer ] when you have sensitive skin... ♪ ...a lot of things can really irritate your face... shaving shouldn't be one of them. gillette fusion power has five blades with an anti-friction coating that shave with incredible comfort, so your skin looks and feels great, until the next game. fusion. proven performance even on sensitive skin.
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hello, everybody. mardi gras on msnbc. i'm contessa brewer. we're watching some new information and big stories today. government gridlock drives evan bayh out of the senate. is there any way to untangle the partisan traffic jams on capitol hill? we'll ask new hampshire senator judd gregg.
11:58 am
new details about how a biology professor may have prepared for a shooting at her university and what her husband knew about the weapon police say she used to kill her three colleagues. she's a successful runway model but says her career is crumbling because she's considered too fat. is it okay to set skeletal standards for working models? we kick off this hour with the political consequences of another democrat ditching life on capitol hill. evan bayh's exit is raising prospe prospects of democrats losing control of the senate. with bayh going bye-bye, republicans are positioned to win races in indiana, nevada, arkansas, colorado, illinois and delaware. bayh says washington is paralyzed by politics. >> we've got a lot of good people in congress trapped in a dysfunctional system. we need to start changing the rules that will bring out the
11:59 am
best in people rather than the worst. >> senator judd gregg, republican from new hampshire, joins me now. good to see you today. >> thank you, contessa. thank you for having me on. >> how bad is the gridlock in washington? is it true it's so bad you can't get anything accomplished? >> on a lot of the big issues it is, unfortunately. the big issues are what we need to do something about. for example, our debt and our deficits. we need to take on our issues like entitlement spending, tax reform. unfortunately, there has not been a will the lot of progress. i understand evan's frustration. >> he suggested himself that the rules need to change. in what way could you change the rules so that lawmakers who go to washington, d.c. to serve the people can be effective in their jobs? >> i don't think it's a rules issue. it's a people's issue. if you have the desire to do it, it will get done. unfortunately, the desire isn't there. in large part, because legislators are reacting to their constituencies. if i make a suggestion, for example, on how to reform social security to make it more


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